• How much does club cost?
    •  Nothing.  It's FREE!
  •  Do I need to know the rules of chess before coming to chess club?
    • Nope.  There will always be someone there that is willing to teach you the rules.  The rules are easy, but mastering the game takes practice.
  • Do I have to bring my own chess set?
    •  No.  Feel free to use one of the club's chess sets if you don't have your own.
  • Do I have to use a chess clock when I play?
    • Not at all.  The chess club is very informal.  The goal is to have a good time learning and playing chess.
  • Can I drop my kids off?
    • No, at least not right away.  Parents need to stay with their kids until the kids demonstrate a genuine interest in chess and adherence to the Code of Conduct.  Parents are also required to give Emergency Contact Information before leaving the child at chess club.
  • What is the Amity Chess Club's Code of Conduct?
I will have fun playing chess
I will respect all players and visitors
I will respect the chess equipment and facilities
I will help keep distraction to a minimum
  • Is the club mostly kids or adults or both?
    • Both, but the mix varies from week to week and season to season.